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The Many Faces of Dance

The Academy offers a full range of dance disciplines for students of all ages and skill levels.


Groove 2 Moves - (specialized program ages 2)

An introduction to Ballet, Tap and Creative Movement. Great development for socialization, co-ordination and direction development. Full of fun and activity.

Creative Dance - (specialized program ages 3-4)

Ballet, Tap and Creative Movement. An introduction to dance giving the student a wide range of dance experiences. Helps develop co-ordination and grace. Full of fun and activity.

Combo Dance I and II - (specialized program ages 5-7)

Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Allows the students a wide range of dance experiences without having to attend several individual dance classes. An excellent foundation for continued studies in dance.


- A form of dance that involves rhythmic sound that is produced by hard soled shoes with taps on the toe and heel. Over the years it has evolved from the Fred Astaire and Sammy Davis Jr. tap dances to modern Gregory Hines and 'River' dance.

Ballet (RAD syllabus)

- demands grace and precision employing steps and gestures in intricate flowing patterns.


- a dynamic form of dance that may incorporate ballet technique or may find itself being influenced by the latest cultural styles. Jazz has many faces: lyrical, hot, street and hip-hop.


- a form of dance which allows great freedom in choreography. It can combine classical and contemporary dance techniques with a variety of music.

Contemporary Ballet

- A constantly evolving form of dance that emphasizes the expressive power of movement, and relies on individualism and personal style rather than on traditional vocabulary.

Musical Theater

- Song and dance to music from Broadway musicals. Combination of theatre, choreography, dance and voice.


- is a combination of ballet and jazz that has strong lines and is very flowing. It may or may not tell a story.


- Acrobatic dance or acro is the fusion of classical dance technique and the athleticism of acrobatic elements. AOD is certified to teach acro by Acrobatic Arts.

Hip Hop

- is the style of dance seen in modern music videos. It uses sharp, isolated movements and lots of release in the neck and back.


Funky Jazz (Jazz Hip Hop Combo ages 7-10)

- a combination of jazz and beginner hip hop. This class is designed especially for the young dancer who wants hip hop but needs the development of technical skills as well.

Boys only Hip Hop!

Pilates for Dancer

- A strength and conditioning class taught by AOD's certified pilates teacher, Miss Amanda.