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Email: info@theacademyofdance.ca  |  Phone: 250-314-9974  |  910 Camosun Crescent, Kamloops V2C 6G2

Policies & Rules


We are looking forward to an exciting year of dance. We are committed to the complete development of our students in their performance and their love for dance. We will always endeavor to make our classes enjoyable and challenging, taking into consideration the interests and the abilities of the students.


In order for students to achieve their potential it is important that students attend class regularly. Should a student be absent too often the teacher retains the discretion to request that the student withdraw from class.


Should a student find it necessary to withdraw, a 2 week notice to the office is required. Dance fees are incurred until notification is given. Post-Dated cheques and pre-paid fees will be returned upon notification of cancellation. If there is need for cancellation after April 15th the whole years fees are applicable, as we are already ready for year end show. There will be a $25.00 dollar charge for cheques, credit cards and Pre-Authorized payments that come back NSF. Outstanding accounts as of June 30 may be sent to collections unless other arrangements are made. The Creative Dance and Groove 2 Moves classes are divided into sessions, therefore there is no refund policy for these classes.


Costumes are an extra cost to dance. The average cost of a dance costume is approximately $60.00-80.00. Costumes are chosen by the teachers. All payments for costumes will be done at the front desk. A $40.00 costume deposit must be paid by Novemebr 30th, 2013. Deposits are non-refunadable and the remainder owing for costume will be asked for at a later date.

Recitals & Shows

In December there will be a Winter Dance Recital for the younger dancers. The 2014 Year End Dance Show is May 23, 24 & 25 at the Sagebrush Theatre. We produce a first class show using professional lighting, sound and staging. Due to the cost of printing of tickets, cost of Sagebrush rental and cost of professional staff, there is a ticket cost.

Solos, Duets & Trios

These classes are usually specifically for festival performance and not part of the Academy dance program. Students involved in these classes should be intermediate to advanced.The Academy is not responsible for these classes and students/parents must arrange these classes with the specific teacher that you wish to choreograph your dance. Fees are payable directly to that instructor.

Performance of a solo, duet or trio at the Academy Show is a privilege that Academy may, at the discretion of the faculty, extended to these students. This requires an extra fee. Inquire at front desk for more information on pricing.

**Festival fees & costumes are extra

Includes: Choreography plus 7 supervised rehearsals. Rehearsals scheduled at the Sagebrush Theatre for Festival are an extra charge based on time scheduled.